Peter Blood

Vice Gouverneur of Jamaica


Origin: Ireland
Motivation: Justice

Qualities: Might 0 Daring 1 Savvy 2 Flair 2
Combat: Brawl 0 Melee 2 Ranged 2 Defense 1 (10)
Careers: Physician 2, Slave 0, Pirate 2, Aristocrat 1
Lifeblood: 10 Fortune: 5
Languages: English (N), French, Spanish

Boons: Healing Touch, Dueling Style (Schwarzpulver), Membership (Brotherhood)
Flaws: Can’t Lie, Obligation (Gouverneur/Brotherhood)

Equipment: Brace of Pistols (1d6+1 Dmg), Epee (1d6 Dmg, +1 Parry), Surgery Tools, Keys to Morgan’s Manor, Spyglass

Favored Maneuvers: Quick Draw, Quick Load*, Aim Shot*, Hilt Punch, Disarm*
(*: mastered)

Peter Blood

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